1. what if I were to open eternity in hell again? omg. 



  3. Hello, loves.

    First and foremost, we would like you all to know how talented you are and what a joy it has been to roleplay with you. We have had a wonderful time getting to know each of you. Thank you so much for sticking with us for as long as you have. We wouldn’t have gone this far without your support. We love you dearly, which is why this decision has been a difficult one to make.

    After much deliberation, we have decided that it is the end of the road for Eternity In Hell. As much as this saddens us, we’ve worked really hard to try and save EIH, but it isn’t working out the way that we hoped that it would. If you would like to keep your characters, plot lines, and continue roleplaying with each other, you are more than welcome to do so. We’re sorry that things had to come to this and we’re going to miss you all very much. Hopefully down the road, we will be able to roleplay with each other again some time. Again, thank you for sticking around. We hoped you enjoyed roleplaying with us as much as we have with you. 


  4. hello--sidney said: sorry, but im going to have to leave this rp for personal reasons sorry x

    I’m sorry, but I’m not sure which character you were…


  5. troyandbryanshitheads said: Hey there, could i get a link to the OOC blog so i don't have to be on Steph's and this one at the same time? And sorry for being so inactive lately, my life has been pretty crazy.

    Of course! We’ll send you one right now. It’s okay. That’s totally understandable :) 

  6. ♂ Christofer Rigby | 19 | Alive | Aaron Johnson | TAKEN

    Christofer was commonly described as ‘unusual’ and ‘secretive’ by those who knew him. He preferred to spend time, alone, with just his music and himself for company, disliking any form of interaction unless it was via the internet. Drawing  was his outlet and his bedroom walls were, and still are, covered with sketches and paintings. His withdrawal from others was mostly due to bullying, which he was the victim of from a young age as his mother used to try and sell herself to whoever was willing. When her sister found out, she quickly moved Christofer in with her to try and protect him from his Mother’s sins and neglect.

    One year ago, his aunt found him unconscious in their bathroom due to a failed suicide attempt, which made her even more protective of him. She wouldn’t allow him out past 11pm, he wasn’t allowed to listen to rebellious music or wear rebellious clothes in fear he’d become something similar to his Mother. This all changed when he turned 16 and bought his first CD by My Chemical Romance. He listened to the music in private and tried experimenting with his style, cutting his hair to his aunt’s disbelief and horror. He was still very quiet and got bewildered by any interaction, never having had a girlfriend or a proper friend of his own.

    That was when he found the Murder House, being chased home by a rowdy group of boys, he ran inside for hiding. The house intrigued him and he tries to visit it to sketch it, wanting pictures of the building for his room, unaware that ghosts surrounded him.


  7. matthew-of-ignis said: Here's the account for Christofer! Thank you!

    You’re welcome, darling :) Follow Christofer! 


  8. Christofer Rigby audition accepted!

    Please make your account and send it in! :)

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  9. Anonymous said: would it be alright to use a selena gomez fc even though you've already had her?

    Unfortunately, no, I’m sorry. Her character’s brother is still a part of the RPG, so it would weird to have her as an FC for another character. 


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  11. Anonymous said: if i made oc twins could i be both of them?


  12. Years after the Harmons’ untimely deaths, soon after the chaos that fell upon the unsuspecting Ortiz family, the Murder House has once again managed to lure in unsuspecting buyers. The Rowes, a family of three, have moved to LA to escape their tragic past. Earlier in the year, the parents of Austin, Sage, and Ava Rowe were killed in their upscale Florida condo, leaving the broken family horrified and alone. Needing to get away from the place that caused them so much pain, the trio packed their bags and headed off to Sunny LA for a fresh start. Each of the siblings have their own demons to fight—literal or not—and each of them have a different outlook on their stay in the infamous Murder House. While ghosts of past and present cause a fuss and raise some hell, watch as the newest victims owners of the Murder House fight for their sanity, and their lives, as they work to make a new life separate from the one they left behind.

    A few open characters we have are: 

    • Constance Langdon
    • Addie Langdon
    • Ben Harmon
    • Moira O’Hara
    • Michael Langdon
    • And many more! Plus, we have a few OC’s available as well, with many more to come! 

    Rules || Open Characters || Taken Characters || Audition! 

  13. eternityinhell-ahs-rpg:

    ♀ Blair Rowe | 33 | Alive | Nina Dobrev | OPEN

    Blair is the aunt of Austin, Sage, and Ava Rowe. You could say they’re not too fond of her. Every time she came to visit the family, a fight would break out between Blair and the children’s father, Isaac, because of some malicious comment she made towards them or Isaac. Austin, Sage, and Ava believe that their aunts cruel behavior is a result of jealousy. When Isaac and Blair were children, it was evident that Isaac was the favorite between the two. No one was quite why that was, but Isaac always got the best clothes, never had to do any chores, and was treated the best. Blair worked hard to be the best that she could be in hopes she could win over her parents’ love. She got straight A’s in school, got into an ivy league school, and studied to become a lawyer. Unfortunately, her hard work didn’t pay off the way that she wanted it to. Her parents still seemed to love Isaac more, who went on to become a doctor. On account of the favoritism, Blair’s personality quickly turned from friendly to spiteful, not only towards Isaac, but towards everyone who loved him, including his children. Every chance she got, she would say something that was mean and hurtful to Austin, Sage, and Ava, whether it was about their father or about how awful they were. The three of them couldn’t be happier each time their vicious aunt left their house. Now that their parents were tragically killed, Blair has come to visit the Rowes once again. Except this time, she won’t be leaving. 


  14. Unfortunately, no one sent us an account for Blair Rowe. Her character has now been reopened.

  15. Time: August 25th - August 28th at midnight

    Place: Murder House

    Given by: Austin, Sage, and Ava Rowe

    RSVP: show up…if you dare

    With the new tenants of the house settling in, and the ghosts of the house dealing with more cabin fever than usual, a housewarming party is just what they need to liven things up a bit. Starting Saturday, August 25th, ghosts and and breathers will be able to mingle without suspicion at the Rowe’s housewarming party. The entire neighborhood will be gathering at the Murder House for the event. Or at least, those who are daring enough. Will new friendships be formed? Or will the Rowe’s sense something fishy about their ‘neighbors’?